Good morning my doves.

It is absolutely sweltering warm in the UK today, and has been for the last… Week? Maybe? At least since the Friday, maybe. We’ve had a little rain in the evenings here and there but it hasn’t really helped. We’re not used to this weather at all. Me especially, which you might think is weird considering the fact that I’m a “summer baby” – being born in August and all. Well, at the end of August, the 29th. (Oh god I’m 25 this year that’s terrifying). I was supposed to be an early Autumn baby but no. Apparently I wanted to see the world early.


I’ve fallen into the world of eyedropper fountain pens recently. I think it started with getting a… Airmail/Wality fountain pen. I think that’s what they’re called. Actually no. It started with my love of clear/demonstrator fountain pens. I just like seeing the ink; that’s why I like clear barrels so much. It’s a quirk. When I was looking for another, new one on eBay, I came across an Airmail pen. Ordered it, it arrived, inked it up, boom love. And then, a couple of my pen friends on Twitter (and obviously Brad and Myke on the podcast) started talking about Franklin-Christoph pens and… Ooof, those things are attractive. If money were no object, I’ll take the Smoke and Ice version with the 1.1mm nib. It’s on my grail pen list now. Along with like, four or five others I think. Maybe one day I’ll get at least one. We’ll see.

Here’s a link to the review that made me think “I actually NEED this pen” – Franklin-Christoph Model 02 Intrinsic fountain pen review by Pens! Paper! Pencils!

So, I started hunting around for other eyedroppers. I didn’t have much luck. One evening I was watching one of the Goulet Q&A videos and I was reminded that, hey hang on a minute – the Platinum Preppy makes an awesome eyedropper, and you have two kicking around – one of which isn’t doing anything. So, naturally, I hopped over to CultPens and ordered two more (along with a pen-eraser thing because I can never find my other ones and I figured that if I had one in a pen cup, I’d have a bigger chance of finding it). So now I have four Platinum Preppy fountain pens in my pen cup; two in 0.3 and two in 0.5, all different colours. I’m going to use up the ink and then I’m going to tinker and turn them into eyedroppers. And the best thing is, they’re cheap (I think like £3 a pen) so if they break, it’s not really a big deal. Unless it’s full of ink.

I shall let you know how this goes for me.

Until next week!